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Elk Neck State Park Campground Maryland

Elk Neck State Park Overview

Elk Neck Choptank 102

Elk Neck State Park campground has over 250 campsites (some with full hook ups), 15 available cabins (7 mini/camper cabins, and 8 rustic cabins). The campground is open April 1 – Nov 30, and the campsites can accommodate tents, trailers and RVs.

Each campsite also has a table, fire ring, grate and lantern post. The campground has drinking water, flush toilets and showers(no charge).   Check in time is 3pm and check out is 1pm.  Generators are allowed 7am to 10pm. There is also a youth group camping area, a camp store and snack bar and playgrounds. The nature center offers fun weekend activities for families during the summer season.

Our favorite campsites at Elk Neck State Park are: Choptank Loop 99, Elk Loop 132, 137, 138, 139, 140, Miles Loop 165, 167, 169, 171, 173, Wye Loop 47, 51, 60 and Northeast Loop 13, 14, 22.

Elk Neck State Park – Area Recreation

Elk Neck State Park has over 2,188 acres of marshlands, wooded areas, white clay cliffs and sandy shores. There’s plenty of fun to be had including boating, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, OHVing, hiking, biking, hunting, exploring historic sites, picnicking, wildlife viewing, winter sports and more. The Turkey Point Lighthouse trail is about 2.5 miles from the campground and is worth the trip! The trail to the lighthouse is about 1/2 mile. There is also a Junior Ranger program for the kids!

You may also want to check out Susquehana State Park. It has 69 campsites and is about 41 miles away.

Make a Reservation for Elk Neck State Park

  • BBQ Grills
  • Boat Launch/Ramp
  • Boat Ramp
  • Camp Store
  • Campsite Tables
  • Concession Stand
  • Drinking Water
  • Dump Station
  • Electrical Hookup
  • Fire Rings
  • Firewood Available
  • Fish Cleaning Station
  • Grills
  • Nature Center
  • Pets OK
  • Picnic Tables
  • Ranger Station
  • RV Hookups
  • Showers
  • Snack Bar
  • Visitor Center
  • Wood
  • Beach
  • Beach Access
  • Beach Combing
  • Biking
  • Bird Watching
  • Boating
  • Boating (non motorized)
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Historic Sites
  • Hunting
  • Kayaking
  • Lake
  • Lighthouse
  • Mountain Biking
  • Nature Programs
  • Nature Trails
  • Ocean
  • Photography
  • Picnicking
  • Playground
  • Sailboarding
  • Stargazing
  • Swimming
  • Visitor Center
  • Walking Trails
  • Water Sports
  • Wilderness Area
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Winter/Snow Sports
4395 Turkey Point Rd
Northeast, Maryland 21901
Lat / Long:

39.50278, -75.97889

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Best Campsites
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Campsite Types
  • ADA
  • Cabin
  • Full Hookup
  • Primitive
  • RV
  • Tent
  • Trailer
# of Campsites:

250 + 15 Cabins


Apri 1 – November 30



Elk Neck State Park Photos

Elk Neck Bluebird Cabin
Elk Neck Bohemia 182
Elk Neck Bohemia 183
Elk Neck Bohemia 184
Elk Neck Bohemia 185
Elk Neck Bohemia 186
Elk Neck Bohemia 187
Elk Neck Bohemia 188
Elk Neck Bohemia 189
Elk Neck Bohemia 190
Elk Neck Bohemia 191
Elk Neck Bohemia 192
Elk Neck Bohemia 193
Elk Neck Bohemia 194
Elk Neck Bohemia 195
Elk Neck Bohemia 196
Elk Neck Bohemia 197
Elk Neck Bohemia 198
Elk Neck Bohemia 199
Elk Neck Bohemia 200
Elk Neck Bohemia 201
Elk Neck Bohemia 202
Elk Neck Bohemia 203
Elk Neck Bohemia 204
Elk Neck Bohemia 205
Elk Neck Bohemia 206
Elk Neck Bohemia 207
Elk Neck Bohemia 208
Elk Neck Bohemia 209
Elk Neck Bohemia 210
Elk Neck Camp Sign
Elk Neck Cardinal Cabin
Elk Neck Chester 221
Elk Neck Chester 222
Elk Neck Chester 223
Elk Neck Chester 224
Elk Neck Chester 225
Elk Neck Chester 226
Elk Neck Chester 227
Elk Neck Chester 228
Elk Neck Chester 229
Elk Neck Chester 230
Elk Neck Chester 231
Elk Neck Chester 232
Elk Neck Chester 233
Elk Neck Chester 234
Elk Neck Chester 235
Elk Neck Chester 236
Elk Neck Chester 237
Elk Neck Chester 238
Elk Neck Chester 239
Elk Neck Chester 240
Elk Neck Chester 241
Elk Neck Chester 242
Elk Neck Chester 243
Elk Neck Chester 244
Elk Neck Chester 245
Elk Neck Chester 246
Elk Neck Chester 247
Elk Neck Chester 248
Elk Neck Choptank 091
Elk Neck Choptank 092
Elk Neck Choptank 093
Elk Neck Choptank 094
Elk Neck Choptank 095
Elk Neck Choptank 096
Elk Neck Choptank 097
Elk Neck Choptank 098
Elk Neck Choptank 099
Elk Neck Choptank 100
Elk Neck Choptank 101
Elk Neck Choptank 102
Elk Neck Choptank 103
Elk Neck Choptank 104
Elk Neck Choptank 105
Elk Neck Choptank 106
Elk Neck Choptank 107
Elk Neck Choptank 108
Elk Neck Choptank 109
Elk Neck Choptank 110
Elk Neck Choptank 111
Elk Neck Choptank 112
Elk Neck Choptank 113
Elk Neck Choptank 114
Elk Neck Choptank 115
Elk Neck Choptank 116
Elk Neck Choptank 117
Elk Neck Choptank 118
Elk Neck Choptank 119
Elk Neck Choptank 120
Elk Neck Choptank 121
Elk Neck Choptank Playground
Elk Neck Deer
Elk Neck Elk 122
Elk Neck Elk 123
Elk Neck Elk 124
Elk Neck Elk 125
Elk Neck Elk 126
Elk Neck Elk 127
Elk Neck Elk 128
Elk Neck Elk 129
Elk Neck Elk 130
Elk Neck Elk 131
Elk Neck Elk 132
Elk Neck Elk 133
Elk Neck Elk 134
Elk Neck Elk 135
Elk Neck Elk 136
Elk Neck Elk 136
Elk Neck Elk 137
Elk Neck Elk 138
Elk Neck Elk 139
Elk Neck Elk 140
Elk Neck Elk 141
Elk Neck Elk 142
Elk Neck Elk 143
Elk Neck Elk 144
Elk Neck Elk 145
Elk Neck Elk 146
Elk Neck Elk 147
Elk Neck Elk 148
Elk Neck Elk 149
Elk Neck Elk 150
Elk Neck Elk 151
Elk Neck Miles 152
Elk Neck Miles 153
Elk Neck Miles 154
Elk Neck Miles 155
Elk Neck Miles 156
Elk Neck Miles 157
Elk Neck Miles 158
Elk Neck Miles 159
Elk Neck Miles 160
Elk Neck Miles 161
Elk Neck Miles 162
Elk Neck Miles 163
Elk Neck Miles 164
Elk Neck Miles 165
Elk Neck Miles 165 View
Elk Neck Miles 166
Elk Neck Miles 167
Elk Neck Miles 168
Elk Neck Miles 169
Elk Neck Miles 170
Elk Neck Miles 171
Elk Neck Miles 172
Elk Neck Miles 173
Elk Neck Miles 173 View
Elk Neck Miles 174
Elk Neck Miles 175
Elk Neck Miles 176
Elk Neck Miles 177
Elk Neck Miles 178
Elk Neck Miles 179
Elk Neck Miles 180
Elk Neck Miles 181
Elk Neck Northeast 002
Elk Neck Northeast 003
Elk Neck Northeast 004
Elk Neck Northeast 005
Elk Neck Northeast 006
Elk Neck Northeast 007
Elk Neck Northeast 008
Elk Neck Northeast 009
Elk Neck Northeast 010
Elk Neck Northeast 011
Elk Neck Northeast 012
Elk Neck Northeast 013
Elk Neck Northeast 015
Elk Neck Northeast 016
Elk Neck Northeast 017
Elk Neck Northeast 018
Elk Neck Northeast 019
Elk Neck Northeast 020
Elk Neck Northeast 021
Elk Neck Northeast 022
Elk Neck Northeast 023
Elk Neck Northeast 024
Elk Neck Northeast 025
Elk Neck Northeast 026
Elk Neck Northeast 027
Elk Neck Northeast 028
Elk Neck Northeast 029
Elk Neck Northeast 030
Elk Neck Northeast 031
Elk Neck Northeast Playground
Elk Neck Oriole Cabin
Elk Neck Robin Cabin
Elk Neck Sassafras 249
Elk Neck Sassafras 250
Elk Neck Sassafras 251
Elk Neck Sassafras 252
Elk Neck Sassafras 253
Elk Neck Sassafras 254
Elk Neck Sassafras 255
Elk Neck Sassafras 256
Elk Neck Sassafras 257
Elk Neck Sassafras 258
Elk Neck Sassafras 259
Elk Neck Sassafras 260
Elk Neck Sassafras 261
Elk Neck Sassafras 262
Elk Neck Sassafras 263
Elk Neck Sassafras 264
Elk Neck Sassafras 265
Elk Neck Sassafras 266
Elk Neck Sassafras 267
Elk Neck Sassafras 268
Elk Neck Sassafras 269
Elk Neck Sassafras 270
Elk Neck Sassafras 271
Elk Neck Sassafras 272
Elk Neck Sassafras 273
Elk Neck Sassafras 274
Elk Neck Sassafras 275
Elk Neck Sassafras 276
Elk Neck Sassafras 277
Elk Neck Sassafras 278
Elk Neck Sparrow Cabin
Elk Neck St Martins 076
Elk Neck St Martins 077
Elk Neck St Martins 078
Elk Neck St Martins 079
Elk Neck St Martins 080
Elk Neck Stmartins Parking
Elk Neck Susquehanna 062
Elk Neck Susquehanna 063
Elk Neck Susquehanna 064
Elk Neck Susquehanna 065
Elk Neck Susquehanna 066
Elk Neck Susquehanna 067
Elk Neck Susquehanna 068
Elk Neck Susquehanna 069
Elk Neck Susquehanna 070
Elk Neck Susquehanna 071
Elk Neck Susquehanna 072
Elk Neck Susquehanna 073
Elk Neck Susquehanna 074
Elk Neck Susquehanna 075
Elk Neck Turkey Pt Lighthouse
Elk Neck Warbler Cabin
Elk Neck Wren Cabin
Elk Neck Wye 032
Elk Neck Wye 033
Elk Neck Wye 034
Elk Neck Wye 035
Elk Neck Wye 036
Elk Neck Wye 037
Elk Neck Wye 038
Elk Neck Wye 039
Elk Neck Wye 040
Elk Neck Wye 041
Elk Neck Wye 042
Elk Neck Wye 043
Elk Neck Wye 044
Elk Neck Wye 045
Elk Neck Wye 046
Elk Neck Wye 047
Elk Neck Wye 048
Elk Neck Wye 049
Elk Neck Wye 050
Elk Neck Wye 051
Elk Neck Wye 052
Elk Neck Wye 053
Elk Neck Wye 054
Elk Neck Wye 055
Elk Neck Wye 056
Elk Neck Wye 057
Elk Neck Wye 058
Elk Neck Wye 059
Elk Neck Wye 060
Elk Neck Wye 061
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Elk Neck State Park Comments & Reviews

Visited Elk Neck State Park Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Elk Neck State Park?

51 Comments on “Elk Neck State Park”

  1. Sharaon Evans says:

    Need information about you campsite cabin availability and rate for August

    • Hi Sharaon,

      You can check availability and make reservations through the Maryland Recreation department at this website:

    • Bryan Remick says:

      My family was thinking of tent camping, possibly late Aug. this year at Elk NECK. Are you open now, and should we make reservations soon? We would need two or three spots together…Bryan

      • Hi Bryan,

        Maryland State Parks (including Elk Neck State Park) are closed through May 28th, but are scheduled to reopen by June 1. I recommend making a reservation for your late August camping trip. Elk Neck State Park will be open then, unless government officials decided to close it because of concerns for our safety.

  2. Freddie M Kyle says:

    When I was little boy I went there with my family. Had a great time.have not been back for a long time love to come back and see what I am missing thank you.

  3. Freddie M Kyle says:

    Thanks so much for making my childhood so much fun love to go camping in the great out doors love the smell of camp fire.

  4. Wendy Lilley says:

    Do you have permanent rv spots? I have a 32 foot with a 2 foot bump out. We love the park and the beach and my husband is a hunter this would be perfect for year round.

  5. Jean Buhite says:

    Are there campsites with sewage hookups?

  6. Shannon Peacock says:

    I don’t see any prices for tent sites or small cabins or anything

    • HI Shannon,
      CampsitePhotos.com provides the pictures and a little more information about the campgrounds listed on our site. To check availability and make a reservations (and pricing) you can visit the Maryland Dept of Natural Resources page by clicking HERE.

  7. Angela Tiffany says:

    Hello:-) trying to figure out what is the maximum number of people allowed in the cabins?

    • Hi Angela,

      CampsitePhotos.com is not affiliated with any of the campgrounds we have listed. We provide the campsite photos and a little more info about the campground.
      I recommend you contact the park directly to inquire about how many people will fit in a cabin: 410-287-5333​. You can also click HERE to go to the Elk Neck State Park page on our site and click on the ‘Make A Reservation’ green button to check availability on cabins. This link will direct you to our reservation partner and they should have info on how many people can stay in a cabin.

  8. Hello: Do you allow boats in the campsites or do they need to park the boats in another area? We are looking at the Northeast Loop sites.

    • Hi Pam, It’d be best to check with Elk Neck State Park directly. Typically the parks allow two vehicles per site and that would include your car/truck and trailer (with boat). You can call Elk Neck State Park to check at:410-287-5333​

  9. Hi,I went to Elk Neck State Park
    When I was young alot of times it made me become a great person there is so much to do there fishing ,boat rentals , building fires it was the best camping trips I was ever on

  10. Prices here as well at other MD State Parks have sky rocketed! Unless I read things wrong (and I hope I did), Northeast Loop and Chester Loop (full service) are now charging $75/Day and $45/Day for loops with no services. Ridiculous!!

  11. doneitall says:

    Correction to my previous post…the reservation site now shows the total cost of your stay when you choose a site, not the per/day cost. Therefore, when I was reserving for a 2 night stay, I was seeing the total cost as opposed to the per night cost the site used to show.

    NO doubling of prices…Sorry for my confusion.


  12. with all the confusion would be simply easier they just put the darn price for a campsite somewhere on any of your 19 websites. It shouldn’t be a big secret for people trying to visit your state park what the camping per night fees. according to what I read from your site it’s $50 a night or 5125 depending on how I like how you read the comments which is the only place you can actually find a real price for a campsite per night at your Campground. Very disappointed so I have to keep calling your office daily. When you can simply post the price online

    • Hi M. Duffy,
      CampsitePhotos.com is not associated with the campgrounds/parks listed on our site. We provide the campsite photos and a little more info about the campground (including a link to make reservations). Your best bet to check pricing (which it sounds like you already did) is to contact the Maryland State Parks reservation line at 888-432-2267, or try check in line here: https://parkreservations.maryland.gov

  13. I want to bring my 3 year old camping on labor day weekend. We were thinking of going with another family that also has a 3 year old. Is there any places to swim?

  14. mason barish says:

    Is there really rock climbing in the campsite ?

  15. rachel Novak says:

    coming friday – sunday what time are check IN check OUT requirements?

  16. John Clarke says:

    Are the camping sites open all year? I am thinking of coming with a tent Saturday 11/3 for 2 days.

  17. Rick Brewer says:

    Do you offer sites that you don’t have to reserve?

  18. Hi! are you able to hike out to the lighthouse from any of the sites? Are there playgrounds? Which sites are closest to them?

    • Hi Anna,
      The Turkey Point Lighthouse trail is about a 2.5 mile drive from the campground! The trail to the lighthouse (from the trailhead parking lot) is then about 1/2 mile.

  19. Are quiet generators allowed?

  20. Suzy Thompson says:

    What is the shower situation here?

  21. Bob Beird says:

    Stayed at site 184 this past weekend. Unfortunately I did not realize this tent site was situated at the entrance to an RV loop. Really enjoyed the roaring sound of a generator and the bright flood lights all night long (yes, all night…the “quiet time” was not observed/enforced). I love the campground but will definitely be more careful on site selection in the future.

  22. What does partial availability on a campsite mean?

  23. Is site 138 big enough for two cars and two tents? Is it allowed?

    • Hi Blue,
      It looks like you can fit two tents to right of table in tent pad area, and two smaller cars/suvs side by side in the paved parking area. The site is designated to have up to 2 vehicles and 6 people.

  24. Ranger Alexander Brown says:

    Elk Neck State Park does not offer off-season camping. Please update this site to remove the statement about first-come first-serve option. Thank you.

  25. We have camping booking for 10 families in June. How far are camp sites for each other we have 201 to 205

    • Hi Amit,
      You can click on the ‘Campground Map’ button to get a general idea, but I’d say that campsite #201 is about 100-150 feet away from campsite #205.

  26. Irvin W Webb says:


    • Hi Irvin,
      I did a quick on the State Park’s website and it did not indicate where there may be wheelchair fishing friendly locations. I suggest giving the office at Elk Neck State Park a call at 410-287-5333.

  27. Sam Paules says:

    Regarding the NE Loop, I suggest you add site #14 to recommended sites because the right side of the vehicle has complete foliage screen from the next site.

Your Comment / Rating / Review:

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